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Interactive Games

Sort Circles and Squares Sort the squares and circles.
Sort Triangles and Circles Sort the triangles and circles.
Sort Shapes Classic Shape Sorter
Shape Sorter Shape Sorter with Food
Shape Sorter Shape Sorter with Multiple Shapes Per Page
Shape Sorter Match One Shape with a Field of Three Choices



Match Circle Match Crescent Match Diamond Match Heart
Match Pentagon Match Square Match Star Match Triangle

Shape Cards

Basic Shapes Shapes Upper Case Shapes Lower Case Shapes of Common Objects

Coloring Shapes

Color Circles Color Squares Color Triangles Color Stars
Color a Rectangle Color a Crescent Color the Oval Color the Cross

Finding Shapes

Find the Triangles Find the Squares Different Triangles Different Shapes
Find the Triangles Find the Squares Find the Circles Pumpkin Shapes
Witch Shapes Turkey Shapes Count Turkey Shapes  

Rectangles Rectangles - Black and White Squares Squares
Find Rectangles Find Rectangles Find Squares Find Squares
Triangles Triangles Find the Circles Find the Circles
Find Triangles Find Triangles Find Circles Find Circles
Rotated Rectangles Rotated Shapes    
Rotated Rectangles Rotated Shapes    

3D Shapes

Cube Shape Find the Cylinders Sphere Prism

Drawing Shapes

Draw a Circle Draw a Square Draw a Triangle Draw a Rectangle
Trace a Circle Trace A Square Trace a Triangle Trace a Rectangle

Basic Lines

Horizontal, Vertical and Angular Horizontal, Vertical and Angular Simple Curves