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Premade Worksheets

Premade Worksheets


Pocahontas Squanto Gold Rush
Sacagawea Washington statue democracy
Lincoln map Memorial Day American Settlers
Egyptian Gold Statue of Liberty    




Premade Worksheets

Western/Pacific States



California Hawaii Oregon Washington

Western / Mountain States

Montana Wyoming Colorado New Mexico
Arizona Nevada Utah Idaho


New England States

Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island

Mid-Atlantic States

New Jersey New York Pennsylvania  

South Atlantic States

Maryland Delaware Virginia West Virginia
North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida

East South Central States

Alabama Mississippi Tennessee Kentucky

West South Central States

Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas

Midwest States / West North Central

Kansas Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota
Missouri Iowa Minnesota  

Midwest States / East North Central

Ohio Indiana Illinois  
Wisconsin Michigan    




Needs and Wants / Goods and Services



Basic Needs Photos

Simple Wants Needs and Wants Worksheets  

Goods Definition and Photo Samples

Simple Service Definition and Photo Samples Goods and Services Definitions Goods and Services Worksheets






Thanksgiving Foods

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