Membership Benefits

  • Access to all worksheet generators
  • Access to all premade .pdf worksheets
  • Access to new worksheets which are added weekly
  • Free support

By being a member of Adaptive Worksheets, you will be able to create worksheets which are tailored to the special needs of your students. The worksheet generators on our site give you the ability to make thousands of unique worksheets and materials which contain prompts and limited distractions. These worksheets are perfect for special needs students.

Not only does our website contain worksheets, but also visual supports for behavioral intervention and self-help such as token boards and picture schedules. You can also create photo flash cards for early intervention programs such as discrete trial training or speech therapy.

Currently our website contains educational material for early intervention through the early elementary years. We are constantly adding new material and will eventually cover more advanced subjects. We welcome any member suggestions for new materials.


Membership Levels for Individual Teachers or Parents

We offer three membership levels for individuals. These memberships are assigned to one person, and not intended to be shared by multiple users.  Please call us at 888-777-0876 for information about multi-user memberships.


You can either try the membership for $12.95 for 1 month, or sign up for the 1 year membership for $39.95. Click below to choose the length of membership you would like.

1 Month $12.95
1 Year $39.95

Membership Levels for Groups or Schools

Please call us at 888-777-0876 for information about multi-user memberships.