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Spring 2017
Find the Coordinates of the Shapes Find the Coordinates of the Shapes
Finding Coordinates Finding Coordinates
Numerical Patterns Numerical Patterns
Numerical Patterns  Numerical Patterns With VIsual Prompts 
Equivalent Fractions  Equivalent Fractions 
Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers  Convert Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers 
Duckling Subtraction Problems Easy Word Problems with Ducklings
Unit Cost Unit Cost
Vertical Multiplication By 1 Vertical Multiplication By 1
Vertical Multiplication By 2 Vertical Multiplication By 2
Vertical Multiplication By 3 Vertical Multiplication By 3
Vertical Multiplication By 4 Vertical Multiplication By 4
Vertical Multiplication By 5 Vertical Multiplication By 5
Vertical Multiplication By 6 Vertical Multiplication By 6
Vertical Multiplication By 7 Vertical Multiplication By 7
Vertical Multiplication By 8 Vertical Multiplication By 8
Vertical Multiplication By 9 Vertical Multiplication By 9
Vertical Multiplication By 10 Vertical Multiplication By 10
Vertical Multiplication By 11 Vertical Multiplication By 11
Vertical Multiplication By 12 Vertical Multiplication By 12
Winter 2017
Multiplication With Zeroes Multiplication With Zeroes - No Regrouping
Multiplication With Zeroes and Decimals - No Regrouping Multiplication with Zeroes and Decimals
Multiply or Divide Multiply or Divide Word Problems
Long Division with a Remainder of 2 Long Division with A Remainder of 2
Long Division with Remainder of 1 Long Division with A Remainder of 1
Long Division - Check Answers Use Multiplication to Check Answers to Long Division
December 2016
Area Model For Decimal Products Use An Area Model to Find the Product
of Decimal Numbers
Standard, Expanded, Word Form Standard, Expanded and Word Form of Numbers
How Many Tenths? How Many Tenths?
How Many Hundredths? How Many Hundredths?
Vertical Decimal Addition More Vertical Decimal Addition With Regrouping
Vertical Decimal Addition With Regrouping Vertical Decimal Addition with Regrouping
Vertical Decimal Addition With No Regrouping Vertical Decimal Addition with No Regrouping
Vertical Decimal Addition Vertical Decimal Addition With No Regrouping
Subject and Predicate Identify the Subject and Predicate
Word Form To Numeric Form of Decimals Convert Word Form to Numeric Form of Decimal Numbers
Find the Midpoint Find the Midpoint
How Many Thousandths How Many Thousandths?
How Many Hundredths? How Many Hundredths?
How Many Tenths? How Many Tenths?
Which Decimal Number is Larger? Circle the Larger Decimal Number
Smallest Decimal Number Circle the Smaller Decimal Number
Round The Decimal Numbers Round the Decimals to the Nearest Tenth, Hundredth or Thousandth
Place Value Chart Problems Simple Place Value Chart Problems
Place Value Charts Place Value Charts
Expanded Decimal Numbers Decimal Numbers - Expanded
Gram to Kilogram Conversion Gram to Kilogram Conversion
Meter to Kilometer Conversion Meter to Kilometer Conversion
Liter to Kiloliter Conversion Liter to Kiloliter Conversion
September 2016
Place Value Place Value
Commutative Property of Multiplication Commutative Property of Multiplication
Multiply Decimals By 10 Multiplying Decimals by Ten
Compatible Numbers Compatible Numbers
Compare Fractions Compare Fractions
Fraction Word Problems Fraction Word Problems Using Addition and Subtraction
Fraction Word Problems With Multiplication Fraction Word Problems Using Multiplication
August 2016 Math:

Equivalent Fractions Equivalent Fractions
April 2016 Math:
Mixed Number Addition Mixed Number Addition
March 2016 Basics:

Banana Sequence Cut Out and Put Banana Sequence Cards in Order
Shirt Sequence Cards Cut Out and Put Dressing Sequence Cards in Order

Liquid Measurement Match Measuring Cups With the Same Amount

Silent E / Long Vowel Silent E / Long Vowel
Short Vowel Sounds Short Vowel Sounds
February 2016 Basics:
St. Patrick's Day Patterns St. Patrick's Day Patterns
Match the Shamrocks Match The Hats and Shamrocks
Match the Colored Shamrocks Match The Shamrocks

Household Job Application Household Job Application


Commas With Dates Commas With Dates
Synonym Matching Synonym Matching
Emotion Synonyms Synonym Matching - Emotions

Fraction Word Problems Fraction Multiplication Word Problems
Equivalent Fractions Equivalent Fractions
Decimal Comparison On a Numberline Compare Decimals On A Numberline
Put Decimals on Numberline Arrange Decimals On A Numberline
Equivalent Fractions On A Numberline Equivalent Fractions On A Numberline
Angles On A Protractor Angles On A Protractor
January 2016 Math:
Multiply Fractions Multiply Fractions by Whole Number
Multiply Fractions with Visual Model Multiply Fractions Using a Visual Model
Fraction Word Problems Fraction Word Problems - Addition
Add Mixed Numbers Add Mixed Numbers
Add Fractions Add Fractions with the Same Denominators
Mixed Numbers Mixed Numbers - Convert Whole Numbers
to Fractions
Decompose Fractions Decompose 3/4 into Sum of Fractions
Tenths to Hundredths Tenths to Hundredths
Fractions to Decimals - Tenths Fractions to Decimals - Tenths
Decimal Notation - Hundredths Fractions to Decimals - Hundredths
Fraction Subtraction Fraction Subtraction
Fraction Addition Fraction Addition
Fractions of 100 Fractions of 100
Long Division Long Division Explanation
Division With Remainders Long Division with Remainders
Division By 3 With Remainders Long Division by 3 With Remainders
December 2015 Writing:

Descriptive Sentences Add Descriptive Words to the Sentences


Long Division By 5 Long Division By 5
Long Division By 5 Long Division By 5 With Visuals
Long Division Vocabulary Long Division Vocabulary
Place Value Place Value - Find The Number that is
10x or 100x greater
Aligned to Common Core Standard 4.NBT.A.1
Multiply 2 Digit By 2 Digit Multiply Two 2-Digit Numbers
Multiply Two Digits / Zero in Ones Position Multiply Two 2-Digit Numbers with a Zero in the Ones
Two Digit Multiplication With No Regrouping Two Digit Multiplication With No Regrouping and
Zero in the Ones Position
Place Value Place Value With Visual Prompts
Place Value to Word Form Match Place Value to Word Form Match
Place Value to Word Form Match Place Value to Word Form Match
Hundreds, Tens and Ones
Place Value to Word Form Match with Thousands Place Value to Word Form Match
Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones
Area Model Multiplication Multiplication Using an Area Model
Aligned to Common Core Standard 4.NBT.5
November 2015 Language:

Latin and Greek Prefixes Greek and Latin Prefixes
Antonyms Antonyms
Similes and Metaphors Similes and Metaphors
Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.4.5.A
Antonyms More Antonyms

Multiplicative Property of Zero Multiplicative Property of Zero
Patterns and Observations Patterns and Observations    Aligned to CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.OA.C.5
Prime Factors Prime Factors   Aligned to
Expanded Form Expanded Form
Expanded Notation Expanded Notation
Equal Fractions Equal Fractions
Multiplying Multidigit Numbers Multiplying Multidigit Numbers
Associative Property of Multiplication Associative Property of Multiplication
Multiply With Arrays Multiply With Arrays
Commutative Property of Multiplication Commutative Property of Multiplication
September 2015
Writing a Personal Letter Format of a Personal Letter
ProgressiveTense Progressive Tense
Order of Adjectives Order of Adjectives
Homonyms Homophones

Place Value - Tens and Ones Place Value - Tens and Ones
Mental Math - 100 Sum Mental Math - Sum of 100
Sums of 100 Mental Math - Sums of 100
based on sums of 10
July 2015 Language:
Sentence Correction Correct the Punctuation and Capitalization
May 25, 2015 Math:
Multistep Word Problems Multistep Word Problems with Visuals
May 18, 2015 Math: 
Multiplication Comparisons Multiplication Comparisons
Multiplication Comparison Word Problems Multiplication Comparison Word Problems
May 11, 2015 Math:
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Lines, Segments and Rays Lines, Segments and Rays
Right, Acute and Obtuse Angles Sort Shapes By Angle Type
May 4, 2015 Language:

Nouns and Verbs Nouns and Verbs
April 27, 2015 Science:
Paper Spiral Paper Spiral Template to Demonstrate That Hot Air Rises
April 13, 2015 Math:

Perimeter Practice Fill In the Missing Numbers of the Perimeter -
Color-coded with
only vertical or horizontal sections shown to
eliminate all distractions
Perimeter Fill In the Missing Numbers on the Perimeter
Area of Shaded Figure Find the Area of The Shaded Figure
April 6, 2015 Math:

Four-Sided Figures Four-Sided Figures

Correct The Sentences Sentence Correction
March 30, 2015 Math:
Third Grade Quick Check Third Grade Quick Math Check
March 23, 2015 Math:
Area of Rectangles Area of Rectangles
Area of Joined Rectangles Area of Joined Rectangles
March 16, 2015 Math:
Money Task Cards Differentiated Money Task Cards
Input / Output Table Input Output Tables with Visuals

English Language Arts:
St. Patrick's Day Contractions Contractions with a St. Patrick's Day Theme - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.2.2.C
March 9, 2015 English Language Arts:

Capitalization Capitalization with a St. Patrick's Day Theme - Aligned to
St. Patrick's Day Letter Closings Letter Greetings and Closings - CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.2.2.B

February 23, 2015 Math:
Same Numerator Comparison Compare Fractions with the Same Numerator - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.NF.A.3.D
February 16, 2015 Math:
Fractions On A Number Line Fractions On A Number Line
St. Patrick's Day Fractions St. Patrick's Day Fractions
Fractions Equal to One Fractions Equal to 1 On A Number Line
Fraction Comparison Compare Fractions with the Same Denominator - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.NF.A.3.D
February 9, 2015 Basics:
Put In Order By Size Put Into Order By Size
Fractions With Blocks Fractions Of Colored Blocks - Aligned to CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.3.NF.A.1
Valentine Fractions Fractions with Valentines
February 2, 2015 Math:
Prime Number Chart Prime Number Chart - Aligned to CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.OA.B.4
Prime Number Search Prime Number Search - Aligned to CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.OA.B.4
Lines of Symmetry Valentine's Day Lines of Symmetry - Aligned to CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.G.A.3
Squares with Valentines Valentine's Day Perfect Squares
Perfect Square Match Up Perfect Square Match Up for Valentine's Day
January 26, 2015 Math:
Right Triangles Right Triangles - Aligned to  CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.G.A.2
Multiplication Arrays Multiplication with Arrays of Hearts - Aligned to CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.3.OA.A.3
January 19, 2015 Math:
Division As Repeated Subtraction Division As Repeated Subtraction
January 12, 2015 Math:
Elapsed Time Elapsed Time On A Number Line
Elapsed Time Within An Hour Elapsed Time Within An Hour
December 15, 2014 Math:
Factor Trees Factoring Trees
Prime Numbers Prime Numbers
Lines, Points and Rays Points, Lines, Line Segments and Rays
Coordinate System Label the Coordinate System
Plot Points Plot Points

December 8, 2014 Science:
The Moon and The Tides The Moon and The Tides

Subtraction Word Problems Subtraction Word Problems with Regrouping
Factors Factors for Numbers 2 - 12
Common Factors Common Factors for Numbers 2 - 12
Greatest Common Factors Greatest Common Factors
Greatest Common Factors Greatest Common Factors
Statistical Holiday Questions Holiday Statistical Questions
December 1, 2014 Language:

Linking Words Joining Opinions and Reasons With Linking Words
Fact or Opinion Fact or Opinion

Divide Dividing When You Know the Multiplication Fact
Divide with Holiday Ornaments Divide By 2 with Holiday Ornaments
November 24, 2014 Math:
Fractions Fractions - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.NF.A.2.A
November 17, 2014 Math:

December 2014 December 2014 Calendar
Multiply By 7 Multiply By 7
Divide Visually Division Word Problems
November 10, 2014 Math:
Multiplication Arrays Multiplication with Arrays - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.OA.A.1
Multiplication Arrays Match Match the Multiplication Equation to the Array - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.OA.A.1
Multiply By 6 Multiply By 6 - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.0A.A.1
Fractions That Equal 1 Fractions That Equal 1- Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.NF.A.1
Fractions of A Circle Fractions of A Circle
Equivalent Fractions Equivalent Fractions
November 2014 Calendar November 2014 Calendar Skills
November 3, 2014 Language:
Reflexive Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.2.1.C
Sentence Expansion Declarative Sentence Expansion - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.J

Turkey Multiplication Multiplication with Turkeys - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.OA.A.1 
Elapsed Time Elapsed Time (Hours)
Elapsed Time - Minutes Elapsed Time (Minutes)- Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.MD.A.1
Arrays - Multiplication with Food Arrays - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.OA.A.1


Kinetic and Potential Energy Kinetic and Potential Energy
Kinetic and Potential Energy Kinetic and Potential Energy
Light Energy Light Energy
October 27, 2014 Language:

Which Word Is Not A Noun? Which Word Is Not A Noun?  Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.3.1.A
Not A Noun - Halloween Which Word Is Not A Noun?  Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.3.1.A
Plural Nouns for Halloween Plural Nouns for Halloween Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.3.1.B
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.3.1.g
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives  Comparative and Superlative Adjectives - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.3.1.g
Verb Tenses Verb Tenses with Fall Theme - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1.E
Pronouns Personal Pronouns - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.D
Conjunctions Conjunctions - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.G

Line Plot of Pumpkin Vines Line Plot of Pumpkin Vines - Aligned to Common Core Standard 2.MD.D.9
Measurement Word Problems Measurement Word Problems - Aligned to Common Core Standard 2.MD.B.5
Picture Graph and Bar Graph Picture Graph and Bar Graph - Aligned to Common Core Standard 2.MD.D.10
Pumpkin Multiplication Multiplication with Pumpkins - Aligned to Common Core Standard 3.OA.A.1 
October 20, 2014/td> Language:

Fall Adjectives Fall Adjectives on Pumpkins
Fall Adjectives Fall Adjectives On Leaves

15 Minutes Past the Hour Find Fifteen Minutes Past the Hour
Pumpkin Clocks Pumpkin Clocks - Tell Time to the Hour
Multiplication Word Problems Fall-Themed Multiplication Word Problems
Pumpkin Leaf Counting Count the Pumpkin Leaves
Pumpkin Spacing Evenly-Spaced Pumpkins  (measurement practice)
Number Lines Evenly-Spaced Number Lines (measurement)
Fall Patterns Fall Patterns
Classroom Measurements Classroom Measurements
Measuring Estimates Approximately How Long Is Each Object
Aligned to Common Core Standard 2.MD.A.3
Coin Word Problems Coin Word Problems With Visuals
 Aligned to Common Core Standard 2.MD.C.8
October 13, 2014 Math:
Angles Types of Angles
Candy Corn Multiplication Multiplication with Candy Corn
Addition with Candy Corn Addition with Candy Corn
October 6, 2014 Math:
Leaf Addition Task Cards Addition Task Cards with Leaves
September 29, 2014 Calendar:
October 2014 October 2014  - Fill -In the Numbers
October 2014 October 2014 - Calendar Questions

Compound Leaves Compound Leaves
September 22, 2014 Math: 
Multiply and Divide Cookies Multiplication and Division Word Problems with Cookie Nutrition Facts

Tree Identification Leaf Identification
September 15,  2014 Calendar:  September 2014, September 2014 Basic Questions, September 2014 - More Questions

  Add Dollar Bills, Add $5 Dollar Bills, Add $10 Dollar Bills

Science:  Observations and Inferences, Observe, Infer, Predict - Fall Snowstorm, Observ, Infer, Predict - Trapeze, Observe, Infer, Predict - Butterfly, Observe, Infer, Predict - Caterpillar, Scientific Inquiry ChartScientific Method
May 2014 Language:  Homophones
4/14/14 Math:  Multiplication With Cakes, Double The Recipe, Compare Units of Measure
4/1/14 Science:   Match Animal Habitats, Quarters In A Dollar
3/24/14 LanguageIrregular Plurals Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.2.1.b, Expand and Rearrange Sentences - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.2.1.F
3/17/14 Language:   Wh Questions With a Raindrop Theme, Aligned to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.K.2
3/10/14 Language:   Pronouns Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1.d
3/3/14 Language:  Category Sorting Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.5a, Define Words By Category and Function - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.5b, Articles - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1h
2/10/14 Grammar:  Capitalization - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.2a
2/3/14 Grammar:  End Punctuation for Sentences - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.2b
1/27/14 Grammar:  Adverbs and Adjectives - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1f,
Singular and Plural Nouns With Matching Verbs - Aligned to CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1c

  Fractions of A Circle, Fractions of A Square
Week of 1/19/14 Math:   Common Core Standards - Third Grade Geometry, Different Types of Quadrilaterals
Week of 1/12/14 Math: Add 3 Digit Numbers Without Regrouping, Add 3 Digit Numbers with Regrouping, Related Addition Facts, Related Subtraction Facts, Fact Families With Color Prompting, Measure Lines and Plot, Multiply By Multiples of Ten
Week of 1/5/14 Math:  Add a Two Digit Number to a One Digit Number with Regrouping, Add a Two Digit Number to a One Digit Number with Regrouping, Add 2 Two-Digit Numbers With Regrouping, Add 2 Two-Digit Numbers With Regrouping, Add 2 Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping (limited prompts), Two Digit Addition Word Problems With Prompt Fading, Add Tens and Ones with Visuals
Week of 12/9/13 Math:  Find the Area of the Wrapping Paper

Phonological Awareness:   Winter Rhyming Words
Week of 12/2/13 Math:   Holiday Cookie Multiplication Word Problems
Week of 11/18/13 Math:  Multiplication Task Cards (with Bracelet Theme)

Reading:   Thanksgiving Vocabulary - Syllables, Thanksgiving Vocabulary Cards, Winter Vocabulary Cards (Count the Syllables)
Week of 11/4/13 Math:  Rubber Band Bracelet Math Task Cards

Week of 10/28/13 Reading:  Mount Everest
Week of 10/21/13 Reading:  This Day in History - Annie Taylor Goes Over the Falls, This Day in History - The First Parachute, This Day in History - NY Subway
Week of 10/14/13 Math:  Friends That Make Ten
10/07/13 Math:  Basic Graphing (with Visual Prompts), Graphing f(x)=x squared

Science:  Acceleration (with Visual Prompts), More Acceleration Sheets
9/30/13  Math:  Even Functions with Visuals, Graphing Coordinates (with Visual Prompts)

  Mass, Simple Machines on the Playground, Move a Box with Simple Machines, Simple Machines - Inclined Plane, Simple Machines - Lever, Simple Machines - Wheel and Axle
9/23/13 Math:  Hundreds Chart with Leaves and Worksheets
9/16/13 Math:  Ratios - Aligned to Grade 6 Common Core, Add 10 to 3 Digit Numbers

Science:  Physical and Chemical Changes (With Visual Prompts)
9/9/13 Math:  Multiply a Single Digit By Multiples of 10 With Visuals, 3 Digit Addition Without Regrouping
9/2/13 Math:   Rounding With Frogs to the Nearest Ten, Rounding with Frogs and Prompts, Rounding to Nearest 10 with Colored Prompts, Rounding to Nearest 100 with Prompts
Summer 2013 Time:  September 2013 Calendar #1, September 2013 Calendar #2, October 2013 Calendar #1, October 2013 Calendar #2
June 2013 Language:  High Frequency First Grade Word Games - Set 1, High Frequency First Grade Word Games - Set 2, High Frequency First Grade Word Games - Set 3, High Frequency First Grade Word Games - Set 4, High Frequency First Grade Word Games - Unit 2, Weeks 1-6
5/27/13 Math:  Equivalent Fractions
Week of 5/20/13 Math:  Multiplication Word Problems with Sports Theme
Week of 5/13/13 Math:  Multiplication Word Problem Task Cards - Aligned to 3.OA.A.3, Elapsed Time - Aligned to 3.MD.A.1
Week of 5/6/13 Math:  Operations and Algebraic Thinking Assessment for Grade 1, Counting Tens and Ones
Week of 4/29/13 Math:  Division with Visuals (Doughnuts) Task Cards or Worksheets,
Count by Tens with Peas on A Plate, Operations and Algebraic Thinking for First Graders
Week of 4/1/13 Language:  Raindrop Word Families

Math:  Money Task Cards
Week of 3/24/13 Math:  Fractions of Flowers
Week of 3/17/13 Math:   Math Dice Games with a Baseball Theme for Spring
Week of 3/10/13 Language:  St. Patrick's Day Contraction Task Cards, St. Patrick's Day Antonyms

Math:  St. Patrick's Day I Have/Who Has Addition Cards, St. Patrick's Day Fraction Worksheet, Parts of A Cube
Week of 3/3/13 Language:  Plural Task Cards, Parts of Speech Task Cards

  Find the Quadrilaterals, Basic Addition with Leprechauns, Telling Time Task Cards
Week of 2/18/13 Math:  St. Patrick's Day Counting, St. Patrick's Day Word Problems/Task Cards or Worksheets

  St. Patrick's Day Preposition Worksheets and Cards
Week of 2/11/13 Vocabulary:  Fruit Flash Cards
Week of 2/4/13 Holidays:  100th Day Head Band

Math:  2D and 3D Shapes

Spelling:  Spelling Recording Sheet

Vocabulary: Valentine Prepositions - 3 Part Cards, Animals - 3 Part Cards
Week of 1/28/13 Holidays:  Valentine Contractions, Valentine's Day Glyph, 100th Day Glasses

Math:  Color-Coded Analog Clocks, Clocks with Valentine Hands on the Hour, Clocks with Valentine Hands at 15 Past, Clocks with Valentine Hands at 30 Past, Clocks with Valentine Hands at 45 Past
Week of 1/21/13 Holidays:  Valentine Math Matchups
Week of 1/14/13 Emotions:  Valentine Emotion Worksheets

Holidays:  Groundhog Day Activity Pack, Valentine Vocabulary Cards

Language:  Valentine Syllable Sorting

Math:  Calendar Pattern Cards with a Chinese Theme, Common Core "I Can" Posters for Kindergarten Math
Week of 1/6/13 Math:  Penny Word Problems, Fractions of a Circle, Fractions On A Numberline, Addition of Equal Addends

Lifeskills:  Toileting Checklist

Valentine's Day:  Valentine Preposition Cards and Worksheets
Week 1/1/13 Math:  Match Coins to Values, Label the Coins, Match Coins to Labels, Measure and Compare Rods
Week of 12/17/12 Math:  Area of 2 Combined Rectangles, More of "Area of 2 Rectangles", Even More "Area of 2 Rectangles", Perimeter of Rectangles, Scaled Shapes, Scaled Shapes with Colored Prompts

Time:    December Calendars
Week of 12/3/12 Math: Area of Gingerbread Wall, Find the Square Roots (with prompts), Find the Exponents (with prompts), Measure the Area of Rectangles, Denominators of Fractions, Numerators of Fractions
Week of 11/26/12 Basics:   Elf Coloring Page

Life Skills:
   Safety During a Thunder Storm

Matching:   Match the Elf Hats, Match the Elf Shoes, Match the Shoes and Hats

Math:   Count Pairs of Elf Shoes, Multiplying with Elf Visuals
Week of 11/12/12 Language:  WH Question Matching (Classroom Theme)

Thanksgiving:   Find the Missing Shapes on the Turkeys, Count the Shapes on the Turkeys
Week of 11/5/12 Language:  WH Question Matching,  WH Questions - Circle the Answer 1, WH Questions - Circle the Answer 2, WH Questions about Lunch, WH Lunch Question Match

Life Skills:   Basic First Aid for Bumps, Basic First Aid for Cuts
Week of 10/29/12 Math:  Subtraction Word Problems with Kids and Pizza, Subtraction Word Problems with Kids and Bathrooms

Reading:  The Cat On The Mat - Lexile® Measure 190L, I Am Out - Lexile® Measure - 370L, Animal Legs Lexile® Measure 150L

Time:  November 2012 Fill-In Calendar, Questions about November Calendar
Week of 10/22/12 Science:  Male and Female Monarch Butterflies
Week of 10/15/12 Math:  Find Square Units of Rectangles and Squares, Measure Elapsed Time on a Number Line, Find Shapes You Can Use for Measuring Square Units (Squares), Measure Liquids in mL, Scaled Bar Graph with Pumpkins
Week of
Basics:  Find and Color the Shapes on the Pumpkin, Find and Color the Shapes On the Witch

Add the Pumpkins
Week of 9/24/12 Math:  Find the Greater Than Signs, Label Greater Than, Less Than and Equals Signs, Circle Numbers on a Number Line/Write Them In Order

Time:  October Calendar - Fill In The Numbers, Questions About October Calendar
Week of 9/17/12 Life Skills:   Handy Helper Cards Handy Helper Sticker Chart

Science:  Monarch Emerging from A Chrysalis
Week of 9/10/12 Math:  September 2012 Questions

Language: Sentence Building Templates

Science:  Butterfly Life Cycle Chart, Label the Parts of the Butterfly Life Cycle, Photo Steps of a Chrysalis Forming
Week of 9/3/12 MathSeptember 2012 Fill-In Calendar
Week of 8/27/12 Math:  Multiplying with Visuals - Bug Legs, Dividing with Visuals - Dots, Operations and Algebraic Thinking Common Core Standards for Grade 3,
Division Word Problem with Balls, Division Problems with Matching Multiplication Equations
Week of 8/13/12 Lifeskills:  Chore Chart

Read the Numbers on a Padlock
Week of 8/6/12 Behavior:  Reward Card ( Punch Card)
Week of 7/30/12 Reading:  Simple Grasshopper Story with wh- questions

  Which One is Not an Insect, Identify the Backyard Critters
Week of 7/23/12 Math:  Count the Tally Marks, Count Flowers Arranged as Tally Marks

Science:  Label the Parts of the Grasshopper
Week of 7/9/12 Writing:  Camping Journal Page 1, Camping Journal Page 2, Camping Journal Page 3, Camping Journal Page 4, Beach Journal Page 1, Beach Journal Page 2

Shopping: Shopping List
Week of 7/2/12 Science:  Monocot and Dicot Plant Stems, Layers of the Earth, Simple and Compound Leaves
Week of 6/25/12 Behavior:  Train Token Board, Train Token Board 2
Week of 6/4/12 Math:  Fill in the Missing Numbers from 0 to 20, Count the Frogs From 1 to 6
Week of 5/28/12 Music:  Which Note is Different?,   Identify the NotesLabel Notes On the Keyboard
Week of 5/21/12 Math:  Add Squares in a Rectangular Array
Week of 5/14/12 Basics:  Which One Doesn't Belong? 1, Which One Doesn't Belong? 2,Which One Doesn't Belong? 3,
Week of 5/7/12 Math:   Visual Representation of 100, Count By 100s, Expanded Form of 3 Digit Numbers
Week of 4/29/12 Math: Add Groups of Blocks within 100, Balance Equations with a Sum of 3, Balance Equations with a Sum or 4, Balance Equations with a Sum of 5, Add Groups of Dots Arranged in a Rectangular Array, Label the Edges, Vertices and Face of a Square, Area of Rectangles, Divide Squares into Halves, Divide Circles into Halves, Common Core Standards for Geometry - Grade 2
Week of 4/16/12 Math:  Rounding to the Nearest 10 Chart, Rounding to the Nearest 10 (11-19)
Week of 4/9/12 Math:  Measurement Tools, Objects You Could Use to Measure Length, Intersecting Roads and Lines
Week of 4/2/12 Science:  Graph of Daily Temperatures
Week of 3/26/12 Basics:  Are There More Birds or Worms?

Science:  Match Recreational Activities to the Weather
Week of 3/19/12 Basics:   Which Item is Not a Fruit?, Which Picture Is Not Springtime?, What Doesn't Belong (by color and category), Find the Umbrella That Is Different
Week of 3/12/12 Math:  Multiples of 4 With Maple Sap Theme

Maple Sap to Syrup Steps with Photos
Week of 3/5/12 Math:  Elapsed Time (Minutes Within an Hour), Count by 5s on a Clock, Elapsed Digital Time with Visuals, Odd and Even Numbers of Footprints

  What Plants Need
Week of 2/27/12
Matching:   Match the Hats

Same/Different:  Find the Different Hat

Science:  Basic Plant Parts

Weather:  Rainy Day Fill-in-the-Blank
Week of 2/20/12 Behavioral Rules:   Bus Rules

Holidays:   St. Patty's Word Find
Week of 2/13/12 Lifeskills/Sequence:  Frost a Cake Sequence Cards

  Add Hearts (1+x), Add Hearts (2+x)
Week of 2/5/12 Math:  Division by 3, Division by 4, Division by 5, Division by 6, Division by 7

  Patterns with Blocks and Balls

Reading:  Simple Reading About Leap Day
Week of 1/29/12 Patterns:  ABB and AAB Patterns with Blocks and Fruit
Week of 1/22/12 Communication:  Nonverbal Communication Pictures - Hi, Look and Wave

Three Letter Words With Letters d, a, b
Week of 1/16/12 Basics:  Which Picture Comes First?, Sledding Sequence

Letters:  Find the Letter That Is Different (with b and d)
Week of 1/9/12 Math:  Compare Sets of Vehicles/Which has more?, Division Problems with Hints

Reading:  Simple Story About Flying Fish
Week of 1/2/12 Interactive:  Read "at" words

Math:  Compare Two Sets of People
Week of 12/26/11 Basics:  Find the Plane That is Different

  Chart of Favorite Fruits, Chart of Favorite Colors
Week of 12/19/11 Math:  Ordinal Numbers with Snowmen, Color the Snowmen in Order
Week of 12/12/11 Math:  Multiplication with Gingerbread Men, More Multiplication with Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men

Week of 12/5/11 Math:  Divide by 4 with Visuals, Multiplication with Candy Canes

Science:  Will it Rain or Snow?
Week of 11/28/11 Math:  Divide by 2 with Visuals, Divide by 3 with Visuals
Week of 11/21/11 Drawing:   Complete the Other Half of a Circle, Draw the Other Half of a Triangle

Blank Shopping List, Another Blank Shopping List

Math:  Addition Word Problems with Gifts, More Addition Word Problems

Week of 11/14/11 Lifeskills:  Yes and No Symbols (Colored Thumbs Up and Down), Yes and No Symbols (Green Circle and Stop Sign), Yes and No Symbols (Thumbs Up and Down Photos)

  Elapsed Minutes Word Problems, More Elapsed Minutes Words Problems
Week of 11/7/11 Math:  Penny Word Problems, Temperature Line Graph (Blank), Read a Line Graph with Daily Temperatures, Read the Minutes on an Analog Clock 1, Read the Minutes on an Analog Clock 2, Read the Minutes on an Analog Clock 3, Read the Minutes on an Analog Clock 4, Fill in the Missing Minutes on an Analog Clock
Week of
Math:  Coin Word Problems with Pennies, Coin Word Problems Dimes, More Coin Word Problems With Dimes, Dime Word Problem with Visual Cues
Week of 10/24/11 Reading:  3-Letter Words with "ad"
Week of 10/17/11 Holidays:  How do the Jack o' Lanterns Feel?

Reading:  3-Letter Words with -ip

Science:  How do Seeds Travel to New Places?
Week of 10/10/11 Colors:  Write the color words red, yellow and green (with fruit pictures)

Are there more tractors or wagons?,  Are there more rakes or leaves?

Words with "oy", Words with "ow"
Week of 10/1/11 Math:  Use Leaves to Measure Rakes, Circle the Tallest Rake

  Words with "oo", Words with "ay", Words with "ee"

Science:  Oxygen Cycle Diagram
Week of 9/26/11 Prepositions:  In and Out with Pumpkins

  Numeral 0, Numeral 1, Numeral 2, Numeral 3, Numeral 4, Numeral 5, Numeral 6, Numeral 7, Numeral 8, Numeral 9
Week of 9/19/11 Opposites:  Little and Big Leaves

  Early Reader With the Words "I, am, cat, bat, rat, not, or, a", Early Reading and Writing Sheets With the Words "I, am, cat, bat, rat, not, or, a", Early Reading and Writing Sheets With the Words "It, is, cat, bat, rat, not, or, a"

Science:  Autumnal Equinox - Easy Reading Comprehension, Migration - Easy Reading Comprehension, Planet Jupiter
Week of 9/12/11 Prepositions and Positions:  In and Out with Leaves, Top, Middle and Bottom
Week of 9/4/11 Math:  Odd and Even Worksheets with Prompts, Odd and Even Worksheets without Prompts, Odd and Evening Worksheets with Leaves
Weeks of 8/22/11
Interactive Sorting Game for "boy" and "girl", Another Sorting Game for "boy" and "girl", Boys and Girls

Interactive Sorting Game with Letters b and d, Interactive Sorting Game with Letters p and q

Label Pictures of Boys and Girls with "he" or "she", Interactive Sorting Game for "he" and "she", Another "he" and "she" Game

Ask WH Questions about A Photo, Ask WH Questions about Another Photo

Put Hour Numbers Onto Clocks, Put Minute Numbers Onto Clocks, Quarter and Half Past the Hour, Basics of Reading Times to the Hour, Read Times to the Hour

  Basic Sentences with the Words he, she and jumps, Basic Sentences with the Words he, she and sits, Basic Sentences with the words he, she and runs, Basic Sentences with the words he, she and swims, Basic Sentences with the words he, she and walks
Week of 8/15/11 Basics: Interactive Matching Game with a Train Theme for Letters A - F (right click to print any page), Interactive Matching Game with a Train Theme for Letters a - f, Sort Groups of Squares and Circles, Sort Groups of Triangles and Circles

Language:  Who, Where, When Questions - Interactive Game (right click to print)
Week of 8/8/11 We are adding several interactive games this week.  You can print worksheets from these games by right clicking on any screen in the game and selecting print.

   Interactive Matching Game for can, pan and van, Interactive Matching Game for big, pig and dig  (These can also be printed as flashcards)

Shapes:  Interactive Simple Shape Sorter, Interactive Shape Sorter With Food, Interactive Shape Sorter with 3 Shapes, Interactive Shape Matching

Week of 8/1/11 Reading:  Interactive Matching Game for cat, hat and mat
Week of 7/25/11 Interactive Learning:   Numeral to Quantity Matching, Another Numeral to Quantity Matching, Still More Numeral to Quantity Matching, Prompted Numeral to Quantity Match, Another Prompted Numeral to Quantity Match, Number to Quantity Match (Puzzle), Number Words to Quantity Match, Another Number Word to Quantity Match, Prompted Number Words to Quantity Match

Life Skills: Circle the Healthy Snacks

Reading:  Interactive Matching Game for fog, dog and log
Week of 7/18/11 Math:  Find the Pentagons, Find the Quadrilaterals
Week of 7/10/11 Behavior Management:  Good/Bad Chart

 "og" Onset and Rimes Wheel, "ug" Onset and Rimes Wheel, Long A Words
Week of 7/4/11 Basics:  Find the Ball that is Different

 Count On by 2, Another Count On By 2, Counting Frogs and Lily Pads, Count the Frogs, Patterns with Frogs

Reading: Find the "og" Rhyming Words , Write 3-Letter "og" Words
Week of 6/27/11 Math:  Add Cars in a Rectangular Array , Berry Picking Addition Word Problems, Addition Word Problems with 3 Addends, Numbers That Add Up to 10, Subtraction as Unknown Addend Problems, Count Equal Numbers of Dots on Balances, Decompose Teen Numbers Into Ten Plus Something, Regroup Dots to Make 10 Plus a Number, Addition - Basics of Commutative Property, Unknown Addends
Week of 6/20/11 Basics:  Which Animal Doesn't Belong?, Sequencing - Birds in A Tree

  Print Concepts - First and Last Words of a Sentence, Print Concepts - First and Last Words of a Paragraph, Read CVC Words from "am" Family, Read Sentences with "am" Words, Simple Story About Birds In A Tree, Vowel Flash Cards - Long O, Vowel Flash Cards - Long E, Vowel Flash Cards - Short A, "ap" Family of CVC Words

Writing:  Lower Case a, Lower Case b, Lower Case c, Lower Case d, Lower Case e, Lower Case f, Lower Case g, Lower Case h, Lower Case i, Lower Case j, Lower Case k, Lower Case l, Lower Case m, Lower Case n, Lower Case o, Lower Case p, Lower Case q, Lower Case r, Lower Case s, Lower Case t, Lower Case u, Lower Case v, Lower Case w, Lower Case x, Lower Case y, Lower Case z, Write Sentences with "am" Words
Week of 6/13/11 Matching:  Match Cartoon Animals to Real Photos

  Onset and Rime Cards with "a" (Parts of Words), Reading Foundational Skills - Common Core Standards, Onsets and Rimes with "e", Onsets and Rimes with "i", Onsets and Rimes with "o", Onsets and Rimes with "u", Word Wheel for "at" Words, Word Wheel for "en" Words, Animals with One Syllable, Animals with Two Syllables
Week of 6/6/11 Math:  Count Ladybugs

  CVC Words - Cat and Mat, CVC Words - Cat, Hat and Mat 1, CVC Words - Cat, Hat and Mat 2, CVC Words - Cat, Hat and Mat 3, CVC Words - Cat, Hat and Mat 4, Can Ant Put On Pants?, Bug Tugs the Rug, Bob Gets a Job "ob" CVC Words, Bob Word Cards, Hen in a Pen, Hen In A Pen (with photos), Hen in a Pen (Full Sentences), Hen Word Cards, Count the Words in a Sentence

Writing:  Write Bat and Rat, Write Hat, Cat and Mat, Write "en" CVC Words, Write "ob" CVC Words
Week of 5/30/11 Math Common Core Standards:  Measurement and Data for First Grade, Geometry for First Grade

Math: Compare Lengths of 2 Objects with a 3rd, Compare the Lengths of 3 Fish, Compare the Lengths of 3 Cars, Use a Ball to Measure a Baseball Bat, Measure with Paper Clips, Count to 120, Count Groups of 10 Boats, Count Groups of 10 Apples, Count 10s and 1s With Apples, Add Groups of Tens, Add Tens and Ones, Add Ten to 2 Digit Numbers, Add Ten to 2 Digit Numbers Without Ones, Subtract Ten From Multiples of Ten, Subtract Twenty From Multiples of Ten

Reading:  CVC Rat and Bat

Shapes:  Attributes of Triangles, Divide Circles Into Halves, Divide Circles Into Quarters, Divide Rectangles Into Halves, Divide Rectangles Into Quarters, Composite Shapes - Circles, Composite Shapes - Rectangles, Find the Triangle, Color the Triangles, Color the Rectangles, Find the Circles
Week of 5/23/11 Math Common Core Standards: Geometry for Kindergarten, Cones in the Environment, Find the Cones, Measuring Tools, Find the Longer Object, Measurement for Kindergarten, Find the Taller Object, Sort Shapes By Color

Sequence Cards:  Biking, Building a Sand Castle, Eating a Banana, Giving a Present, Painting

Seriation - Sort by Size, Sort by Height, Sort by Darkness, Sort Circles by Size, Sort More Circles

Rectangles Rectangles - Black and White Squares Squares
Find Rectangles Find Rectangles Find Squares Find Squares
Triangles Triangles Find the Circles Find the Circles
Find Triangles Find Triangles Find Circles Find Circles
Rotated Rectangles Rotated Shapes    
Rotated Rectangles Rotated Shapes    
Week of 5/16/11 Attributes: Find the Tallest Flower, Which Block is Wider?  Which Block is Taller, Which Object is Taller, Find the Widest Garden Row, Circle the Tallest Flower, Find the Longest Worm

  Count the Baseballs, Match the Cartoon Animals to Real Photos, Which Animal is Different?, Which Car is Different?, Circle the Car that is Different

Common Core Standards:   Counting and Cardinality for Kindergarten, Operations and Algebraic Thinking for Kindergarten, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
Week of 5/9/11 Language:  Negation - Don't, Negation - "I Don't Know", Common Expressions/Idioms

Life Skills:  Soap and Detergent

Music:  Left or Right Hand/Treble and Bass Clefs, Find Notes on the Treble Clef, Label Basic Music Symbols, Match the Musical Symbols, Match the Notes, Piano and Forte Symbols
Week of 5/2/11 ABA:  Toy Category Flash Cards

 Volcano Coloring/Writing, Hawaii Map

Language:  Easy Opinion Survey (with Pictures), Make You Own Opinion Survey (with Pictures), "at" CVC Words, "up" CVC Words, "in" CVC Words, Animal CVC Words

Math:  Multiplication Table

Holidays:   Mother's Day Card 1, Mother's Day Card 2

Social Skills:   Questions for Friends
Week of 4/25/11 Language:  Verb Cards, Prepositions in Simple Sentences, Fill-In the Blank Categories

Count the Flowers in a Wreath, Count Blocks in an Array, Multiply 2 Digits by 1 with Prompts, Balance the Scales

Social Studies:
  Lei Day Reading Comprehension
Week of 4/18/11 Basics:  Match the Colored Eggs

  Simple Flower Word Problems, Simple Egg Word Problems
Week of 4/11/11 Colorful Category Flashcards
Yellow Clothing Red Clothing Orange Clothing Blue Clothing
Yellow Food Red Food Orange Food Blue Food
Green Food Green Containers Blue Containers  
Week of 4/4/11 LanguageNouns - People, More Nouns of People, Nouns - Places, "What" Questions, "Where" Questions, "Who" Questions, "When" Questions
Week of 3/28/11 Basics:  Color the Circles, Color the Squares, Color the Triangles, Find the Cubes, Find the Cylinders, Find the Spheres, Find the Prisms

  Adverbs Ending in -ly, Adverbs That Answer WHEN?, Possessive Nouns
Week of 3/21/11 Language:  Possessive Adjectives, Colorful Adjectives, More Colorful Adjectives

Cardinality - Count to 20

  Full Moon / Perigee Moon
Week of 3/14/11 Basics:  Color the Car by Number, Color the Squares

Language:  Contractions with "not", Contractions with "have", Reflexive Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns

Lifeskills:  Writing a Check

Math:  Fill in the Missing Numbers, Measure the Rectangles, Measuring Tools - Ruler and Cup, Measuring Tools 2, Measuring Tools 3
Week of 3/7/11 Basics:  Color the Rainbow, Color the Flower, Color the Flower by Number, Color the Rainbow (with Indigo)

Sample Blank Checks

Hundreds Chart with Evens Highlighted, Hundreds Charts with Odds Highlighted, Hundreds Chart with Odds and Evens, Hundreds Chart with 5s, Hundreds Chart with 10s
Week of 2/28/11 Basics:  Positions (above, below, left and right), Connect the Dots/House, Connect the Dots / Heart

Language:  Punctuation Marks, Find the First Word in the Sentence, Plurals that End in "ch", Plurals that End in "sh", Plurals that End in "z", Plurals that Do Not Change, Plurals that End in "x", Plurals that have "oo"

Math:  Count by 2s, More Counting by 2s, Add 3 Numbers with Prompts
Week of 2/21/11 Basics:  Easy Crossword, Grid Coloring, Draw Symmetric Half on a Grid, Follow a Key to Color a Basic House

Current Events:  Iditarod

St. Patrick's Day:  Complete the Pattern, Find the Different Object, Count the Hats and Shamrocks

Women's History Month:  Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride
Week of 2/14/11 Black History Month:  Booker T. Washington, Famous African Americans

Presidents' Day: Easy Lincoln Vocabulary, George Washington

Dental Health Month:  Parts of the Tooth
Week of 2/7/11 Basics:  Heart Maze

Words that end with "en"  , Words with an Initial J, Words with an initial K, Words with an Initial L, Words with an Initial M

Math: Count the Hearts 1, Count the Hearts 2, Count the Hearts 3

Writing:  Common Valentine's Day Phrases
Week of 1/31/11 Math: Lines of Symmetry with Hearts, Lines of Symmetry with Arrows, Drawing Symmetric Shapes, Radius of a Circle, Basic Parts of a Circle, More Parts of a Circle, Divide Squares and Rectangles into Halves, Symmetry with Common Objects

Language:  Find the Pictures of Verbs
Week of 1/24/11 Language:  Question Marks, Short and Long Vowels, Punctuation Marks, More Questions Marks, Exclamation Points, Periods, Plurals for Words that End in "y", Adjectives
Week of 1/17/11 Language:  3-Letter Rhyming Words, More 3 Letter Rhyming Words

  Divide Squares and Rectangles to Make Triangles
Week of 1/10/11 Math:  Equal Equations , Measure the Snowmen, Count Blocks in a Rectangular Array, Count Dots in a Rectangular Array, Count Dots in a Circular Array, Count Winter Objects
Week of 1/3/11 Chores:  Load the Dishwasher, Unload the Dishwasher

Cookie Cutter Recipe, Dairy Flash Cards

  Fact or Opinion
Week of 12/27/10 Function of Objects:  Utensils, Bathroom Supplies
Week of 12/20/10 MatchingIdentical Presents

LanguageGuess What is in the Present, Find the Heaviest Object
Week of 12/13/10 Basics:  Upper and Lower Case Letters, Find the Different Hat

Matching:  Match Mittens, More Mitten Matching, Match Mittens and Hats

Math: Count Mittens, More Mitten Counting, Count Dots, Fill in the Missing Numbers, More Missing Numbers, Even More Missing Numbers, Count Hands and Mittens, Add to 10, Another Add to 10, Measure with Blocks, Find the Difference in Length, 2D and 3D Shapes

Science:  Wooden and Plastic Materials, 3 Types of Rocks
Week of 12/6/10 Math:  Count the Snowflakes, Measure the Snowmen

  Count the Words in Each Sentence
Week of 11/29/10 Basics: Compare Sizes of Shapes, Compare Sizes of Snowflakes, Find the Biggest Snowflake, Find the Different Snowflake, Find the Different Snowflake 2

Reading:  Circle the First Word of each Sentence

Science:  Will It Rain or Snow?, Count the Sides of the Snowflakes, Snowflake Reading Comprehension
Week of
Basics:  Thanksgiving Nonidentical Matching

Language: Match Emotional States to Situations

Math:  Pie Chart with Pieces of Pie, Smaller Pie Chart (faster download)

Social Skills:
  Mealtime Request and Comment Cue Cards
Week of 11/15/10 Basics:  Find the Biggest Turkey, Thanksgiving Handwriting

  Past/Present/Future Tenses

Language:  Sometimes, Always and Never, All or None, All or None 2
Week of 11/8/10 Basics:  Drawing Sequence of a Sun, Drawing Sequence of a Car

Basic Rewards

Left and Right, Left and Right 2, Left and Right 3

Basic Bar Graphs, Blank Bar Graphs, Greater/Less Than, Place Value, Combinations that Equal Ten

Reading:  Vowel Recognition

Science:  Scientific Method

Social Skills:  Basic Recess Conversation Cards
Week of 11/1/10 Math: Types of Lines, Add/Subtract 3 Numbers, Congruent Angles, Venn Diagrams, Blank Venn Diagrams

Reading:  Basic Book Review Chart, WH Question Chart

Social Studies:  Executive Branch of Government, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Branches of Government Chart
Week of 10/25/10 Science:  Mammal Basics, Water Cycle 1, Water Cycle 2, Water Cycle 3, Five Senses

Social Studies:  Factory and Farm Products
Week of 10/18/10 Math:  Count the Pumpkins, More Pumpkin Counting

Reading:  History of Jack O'Lanterns, Basic Parts of A Book
Week of 10/11/10 Community:  Apple Picking Flash Cards, Pumpkin Carving, Firetruck Vocabulary

Conversation: Mealtime 1, Mealtime 2

Safety:  Fire Safety 1, Fire Safety 2, Fire Safety 3, Fire Safety 4, Safety Hazards

Social Studies: Community Helpers1, Community Helpers2, Community Helpers3, Community Helpers4, Community Helpers5, Community Helpers6, Urban/Suburban/Rural
Week of 10/4/10 Numbers: Count the Race Cars
Week of 9/27/10 Basics:  Bathroom Flash Cards, Dining Flash Cards, More Dining Flash Cards, Clothing Flash Cards, Kitchen Flash Cards, School Supply Flash Cards, Community Signs Flash Cards, Chore Flash Cards

Numbers:  Pumpkin Number Tracing

Science:  Parts of a Plant Cell

Writing:  Trace the Curves
Week of 9/20/10 Basics:  Color Words with Leaf Theme, Capital Color Words with Leaves, Pumpkin Maze

  Multiplication Facts, Trace Numbers 1 to 9

Science:  Basic Parts of a Cell

Vocabulary Write and Color "cat", Write and Color "dog", Write and Color "horse"

Week of 9/13/10 Conversation:  Basic School Day with Pictures, School Day Without Pictures, Evening Mealtime Questions, Homework Form

Home/School Communication:  Daily Report Form

Math:  More Multiplying by 1, 2 and 3

WH Questions:  Who Questions
Week of 9/6/10 Behavior Mgmt:  ABC Behavior Management Chart

Multiply by 1, 2 and 3, Multiply with Leaf Visuals, Trace Numbers, Trace Numers (1 inch size), Trace Numbers 7 - 9, More Trace Numbers 7 - 9

4 Step Schedule, School Schedule Pictures

  More Prepositions, Even More Prepositions, Short "an" Words, Short "a" two-letter words, Short "a" three-letter words
Week of 8/30/10 Vocabulary:  Sailboat Vocabulary, First Vocabulary Words, Prepositions

  Letters to Friends
Week of 8/23/10 Math:  Squares, Plot Points on a Graph, Coordinates of Points on Graph, Match Coordinates to Points on the Graph

Writing:  Letter to a Friend
Week of 8/16/10 Math:  Line Graphs, Sides of Shapes

  Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, Basic Gravity

Writing:  Basic Sentences about Preferences, Thank You Notes
Week of 8/9/10 Math:  Ordinal Numbers , Similar Shapes, Congruent Shapes

High Frequency Words, More High Frequency Words

Mitosis Basics, More Mitosis, Mitosis, Mitosis Phases, More Mitosis Phases, Newton Basics, First Law of Motion, More First Law of Motion, More First Law of Motion, Newton's Second Law of Motion

Fall Flash Cards, Spring Flash Cards, Summer Flash Cards, Winter Flash Cards
Week of 8/2/10 Basics:  Find the One that is Different

Numerator and Denominator, Simple Fractions

  Minimal Pairs- CAT, CAR, CAP

Weather:  Rain Flash Cards

Week of 7/26/10 Basics:  Categories - Tools Flash Cards, Categories - Vehicle Flash Cards,

Colors: Red Flash Cards, Orange Flash Cards, Yellow Flash Cards, Green Flash Cards, Blue Flash Cards, Purple Flash Cards, Black Flash Cards, White Flash Cards, Brown Flash Cards, Match Color Words to Flowers, Match Color Words to Houses, Match Color Words to Cars, Color the Houses
Week of 7/19/10 Reading:  "it" CVC words, More "it" Words,

Basics: Categories - Animals, Categories - Toys, Categories - Food, Categories - Vehicles, Categories - Clothing, Categories - Tools, Categories - Clothing Flash Cards, Categories - Food Flash Cards, Categories - Furniture Flash Cards
Week of 7/12/10 Seasons: Winter Clothing, Winter Months, Summer Clothing, Fall Clothing, Seasons, Spring Clothing, Seasonal Activities, Seasons and Holidays, Summer Activities, Seasons and Months
Week of 7/5/10 Behavior:  How Behavior Makes Others Feel

Days of the Week, More Days of the Week

  Parts of a Goldfish
Week of 6/28/10 Conversation: Letter from Camp, Common Greetings, Greetings at Recess, Greetings at the Beach

Choose the Correct Bill, More Choosing the Correct Bill, What Can You Buy?, Compare Prices of Toys
Week of 6/21/10 MathConcept of Enough, More Concept of Enough, Enough Money
Week of 6/14/10 Behavior Management:  DVD Token Board, Basic DVD Token Board, DVD Token Board with Stars, Ribbon Token Board 1, Ribbon Token Board 2

Life Skills:  Identify Dairy Products

Social Studies: Flag Day
Week of 6/7/10 Conversation:  Greeting Mom and Dad

Basics of Latitude and Longitude, Label North, South, East and West

"an" words, Mount McKinley

5 Senses

Writing:  Describe a Cat, Describe a Dog
Week of
Animals: Farm Animals, Forest Animals, Ocean Animals

  Oak Tree
Week of 5/24/10 Animals: Animal Babies

Basic Greetings

Life Skills:
  Clothing to Place Match, Clothing to Weather Match

Reading:  Sheep
Week of
Math:  Multiplication Facts for 0, Multiplication Facts for 1, Multiplication Facts for 2, Multiplication Facts for 3, Multiplication Facts for 4, Multiplication Facts for 5, Multiplication Facts for 6, Multiplication Facts for 7, Multiplication Facts for 8, Multiplication Facts for 9, Multiplication Facts for 10, Multiplication Facts for 11, Multiplication Facts for 12 Multiply by 1 Problems, Multiply by 2 Problems, Multiply by 3 Problems, Multiply by 4 Problems, Multiply by 5 Problems, Multiply by 6 Problems, Multiply by 7 Problems, Multiply by 8 Problems, Multiply by 9 Problems, Multiply by 10 Problems, Multiply by 11 Problems, Multiply by 12 Problems

Social Studies:
  Patriotic Flash Cards
Week of 5/10/10 Geography: Mountain, Plains
Week of 5/3/10

Basics: Not the Same 1, Not the Same 2, Not the Same 3

Directions: Left and Right

Geography: Earth Basics

Week of 4/26/10

Basics: Find the Triangle that is Different, Find the Shape that is Different

Math: Ordinal Numbers, Groups of Five Tally Marks, Tally Marks with Fives and Ones, Perimeter of Squares and Rectangles

Week of 4/19/10

Colors: Match Colors to Lower Case Words, Match Colors to Upper Case Words, Match Colors to Color Words, Match Identical Colors, More Identical Color Matching

Math: Quantity to Number Match, Concept of Empty/None, Concept of None, Concept of Equal, Equals Worksheets

Reading: Find Letters and Words that Are Different

Week of 4/12/10 Basics: Match Color Words to Flowers, Match Color Words to Colored Dots, Match Color Words to Colored Triangles, Read Color Words then Color the Circles
Week of 4/5/10

Math: Fractions of Flower Petals, Color Fractions of Flower Petals, Color Fractions of Shapes, Find Quarters and Halves, Horizontal, Vertical and Angular Lines, More Horizontal, Vertical and Angular Lines

Writing: Simple Curves

Week of 3/29/10

Behavior: Pictures of Basic Daily Rules

Life Skills: Reading a Thermometer and Choosing Clothing, Finding the Correct Train Track, Finding a Hotel Room

Math: Addition with Multiple Addends, More Addition with Multiple Addends

Week of 3/22/10 Math: Count the Dollars, Dollar Equivalents with Quarters, Dollar Equivalents with Dimes
Week of 3/15/10

Behavior Management: "No Biting" Photos

Language: Greek and Latin Roots for Numbers, Greek and Latin Science Terms, More Greek and Latin Roots, Greek and Latin Roots Set 4, Greek and Latin Roots Set 5, Greek and Latin Roots Generator 1, Greek and Latin Roots Generator 2

Math: Count the Dots, Count the Shamrocks

Reading: "at" words

Week of 3/08/10 Math: St. Patrick's Day Counting, St. Patrick's Day Size Comparisons, St. Patrick's Day Coin Counting
Week of 3/01/10

Holidays: St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary

Math: Numeral to Quantity Matching

Reading Comprehension: Baking a Cake Sequence